139: kitsugi

is the art of fixing
broken things using gold.

people too can harden and be broken with pressure and heat,
but although both are made of clay and may wear and tear,
humans are not earthenware;
public displays of abundance and defections are not as easily glazed over --
so our pulpy beating human hearts pumping blood even in the most unliving bodies
reminds us that the only way to keep us whole
is to cement our brokenness in the most human way:
by lining all our cloudy shards with silver instead
because most of us can't afford gold anyway.

kitsugi is the art of embellishing broken things
and after thirty years of existing, i've learnt
that everyone has silver scars
and there is beauty in that
even when we can't see it ourselves.

2017-05-23 5.23pm


kitsugi is the art
of making broken pieces whole
by gluing them back together using gold.

after thirty years of existing, today i learnt
that i have somehow, unwittingly, perfected kitsugi.

breathing humans can withstan…

137: ic

you think you can still hide behind your mask, but i've seen right through you.

others may be stuck in your web of lies,
but not me.

not me.

2017-05-01 4.28pm