136: NaPoWriMo Day 26: butt; hurt

Hello beautiful souls! Sheena here and I'll be posting the prompts beginning today until #day30. Joms.


Where are you right now? What is happening around you? How does it sound, smell, taste, look and feel like? Today's prompt challenges you to be in the present moment. Choose a place to be in (it can even be the place you are in RIGHT NOW) and recreate the experience by writing a place poem. Examples of place poems include Ee Tiang Hong’s Perth and James Wright’s The Secret of Light .

Begin your poem by mentioning a body part.

Happy writing!

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135: let love and live

I can live and let live,
but I can't love those who only love love
but not those who want to live and love.

2017-04-26 3.56pm

134: honor+y

my name is izzaty,
and i have a thing for names.

i've been called many names in my life:
" 'izati" by my tok cah, who insisted on the arabic pronunciation;
"ty" by my own parents, probably because it also rhymes with 'naughty';
"izzy" or "zaki" by white friends who can't be bothered with my proper name;
"zaty", which, to be honest, is a name i only prefer to be called if i like or respect you;
and of course, "izzaty", the second birth name i've been given, which i only use/see in formal settings.


my name is izzaty
and i've been told that it's a good name because the root form, "izzat", means 'noble',
i.e. doing the right thing, not the royalty kind;

today i learnt that
"izzat" actually means honor
i.e. 'it's your duty to make sure you don't ruin your and your family and community's reputation' kind

today i learnt that
"izzat" is the cause