133: start making bitch happen

here's something not many people realise:
i'm actually a bitch.

a word that someone godblessthem said stands for babe in total control of herself,
a term, according to my ex, to call wives and girlfriends in rap songs,
a man's best friend... that he will try his best to control.

on one hand if i'm fond of you i will slobber all over you and squeeze in for cuddles and pick up things for you likes there's no tomorrow
on the other, i can turn into an overprotective killing machine if you harm those in my care; use
my nails to tear your skin, sink
my fangs and rip out your heart, and then let
my gang round you up and shred you to pieces.

sorry, was that too psycho for you?
psyche, not sorry
because really, i wanted you to know
that no matter how much you think i can be domesticated
when push comes to shove,
i can be wilder than you ever imagined
i can equally love and loathe you to death
and if you want to see what i'm capable of,

i will let you feel my wrath.

2017-04-21 5.46pm


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